Kitchener Centre

Kitchener Centre
Kitchener is a beautiful city with a bustling downtown, cultural diversity, beautiful landscape and generous, innovative people.

The City of Kitchener has a rich history, stretching back to 1784 when the land was first given to the Six Nations by the British as a gift for Six Nations friendship during the American Revolution. The land was purchased from the Six Nations by Col. Richard Beasley in 1786 so that German Mennonites could live in an area that would allow them to practice their faith in a supportive community.

The first Kitchener buildings went up in the early 1800’s and in 1816 Kitchener’s oldest home was built by  the Schneider family. The home remains an active centre for living history and craft arts. Also in that year, the Government of Upper Canada named the settlement the Township of Waterloo.

Throughout the 19th century immigrants, particularly of German Mennonite descent, began moving to the Township which was renamed Berlin in 1853. In 1856, the Grand Trunk railway was extended from Toronto to Sarnia which led to more immigrants moving to the town.

Following World War I, there was pressure to change the name Berlin to Kitchener after Lord Herbert Kitchener. The 1st Earl Kitchener died serving as the Secretary of State for War in the United Kingdom.

Today, Kitchener’s historic culture is still celebrated every October during Oktoberfest and throughout the year at the Kitchener Farmer’s Market. Kitchener continues to be a welcoming home for new Canadians as 22% of residents were born outside of Canada.

Key Attractions

• The Grand River
• Victoria Park
• Kitchener Market
• Doon Heritage
• Joseph Schneider Haus
• Woodside National Historic Site
• Centre In The Square
• Homer Watson Gallery
• Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery
• The Museum 
• The Hub Technological Innovation Centre

About Kitchener Centre

Boundary Established: 2003
Area: 46 km
Population: 102,435



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